The Basis for What I Do!
It defies logic but it's been proven many times over that the team with the most talent doesn't always win the game. Skills and knowledge are clearly important but the competitive advantage that is most difficult to copy and compete against is the one gained through inspiring the human spirit. Human potential is only limited by our level of thinking and the quality of our environment. That's why companies that relentlessly seek to develop a high performance culture and a workforce with a healthy mindset will always prevail.
Companies with high expectations and a positive approach are innovative, efficient, productive, and quicker to respond to change. They have lower costs, lower turnover, and fewer distractions. They also have better communication, higher customer service scores, and enjoy higher profits. Because of their success they attract the best talent, embrace new trends, and adapt to the changing needs of their clients, … and the cycle of success continues. The leader that can get his team working together and fully engaged toward a common goal will not only come out on top, their entire experience will be more fulfilling. That's because great teams create relationships that last a lifetime.
I love what I do and I would be honored to share my life's work with you and your organization. Together we will make a difference in people's lives while increasing your organization's profits, passion, and performance. Let's Play Full Out!

My Vision (my future): My vision is to become the preeminent and most widely recognized provider of experiences, training, and tools for creating engaged employees and passionate people.
My Mission (my purpose): My mission is to help people and organizations thrive and prosper by improving their skills, mindset, energy, and connection; and to relentlessly search for ways to make their transformation experience interesting, engaging, and fun!
Business statement (what I do):I help individuals achieve work-life balance through the noble pursuit of both success and significance, and I help companies create a high performance culture through sound and targeted investments in their most important asset, their people.
My Customer (who I serve): I can help any business leader who buys into one simple philosophy, "Train 'em to go, and Motivate 'em to stay". In short, a leader with this philosophy desires to help their people become so talented and so valuable that they have many other employment opportunities, AND are equally committed to creating a professional environment so compelling that they would never leave.
My Promises (how I'll behave): I am committed to behavior that attracts both Success and Significance.
  • Success:
    • Value – Relevant benefits that far outweigh the investment
    • Exceptional Customer Service – Create raving fans that want more from me, and promote me to others
    • Performance – Excellence without compromises
    • Accountable – Honest, Trustworthy, Fair, and Flexible
    • Prepared – Do my homework and address each client's specific needs
    • Efficient – Time is money
    • Lean – Keep overhead to a minimum and pass the savings on to my clients
  • Significance:
    • Elegance & Class – selectively extravagant with unwavering professionalism
    • Spirit of Service – Always do more than what is expected
    • Enjoy the Experience – Above all else, be joyful and maintain a sense of humor
    • Creativity and Uniqueness – Keep it fresh and always look for ways to improve
    • Relationships – Identify and nurture meaningful relationships with quality people
Personal Values (my personal drivers):
  • Honor – Bring honor to my family, my friends, and my clients
  • Personal Growth - Education, Mindset, Beliefs, Attitude
  • Character - Integrity, Honor, Leadership, Drive
  • Respect – Everyone deserves to feel important
  • Faith over Fear – Focus on Abundance, not scarcity
  • Fun – If we don't enjoy it, what's the point?
  • Personal Responsibility –  My life is a manifestation of my thoughts, beliefs, and actions.