Doug's Biography
Doug Hanson has committed his life to helping individuals and organizations thrive and prosper by focusing on four key areas - Skills, Mindset, Energy, and Connection.
In 1995, Doug started his company, Doug Hanson Performance Group, offering motivational seminars, team building exercises, and customized trainings to companies of all sizes and across a broad range of industries. Doug’s extensive offering of time tested material, stories, exercises, humor, and success principles allow him to accommodate virtually any program requirement, from a one hour keynote to multi-day seminar/retreats.
Doug has since expanded his offerings to reach even more employees. In 2007, he unveiled what has become his flagship product, Meta-MORE-Phosis®, a one-of-a-kind 8-week challenge that incorporates audio, video, and kinesthetic learning initiatives into an online experiential curriculum, combining the best of Doug’s 15 years of experience as a motivational speaker, team builder, and life-skills trainer. His most recent addition, Talent TrackTM, helps provide skills training alongside a winning mindset. The end result for corporate clients is an engaged workforce, a high-performance culture, and sustainable momentum.
When you meet Doug, you will quickly realize he is one of the most genuine, down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. He has impacted tens of thousands of people's lives, but when asked about his success, Doug insists he is the one who has been blessed. Doug has a broad range of skills and has enjoyed impressive accomplishments in athletics, business, music and speaking.
Doug attributes much of his success in life to his athletic background. He played many sports in high school and continued his football career through college. However, he openly admits that he was never a "star player". What's most interesting however, is that regardless of his actual playing time or statistics, Doug's coaches consistently and openly referred to him as a leader, both on and off the field.
Later in life this helped him realize his purpose and message. Doug noticed that most people evaluate their self-worth and value to society by comparing their accomplishments to others. This leads to a mindset that the only people who can make a difference are the "star players". Instead, Doug challenges others to compare their achievements to their goals. This is what true winners do.
Since the start of his career in the speaking business, he has never called himself a "Motivational Speaker". Instead, Doug refers to himself as a "Transformation Coach" because "That's what people do every day. Whatever roles we have, each one of us transforms the world - ourselves first, then those around us - with our thoughts, behavior, attitude, and actions. Motivation, while important, is temporary. Transformations are for life!" To pursue this mission, he founded Doug Hanson Performance Group, a training and development firm committed to helping people recognize the vast pool of talent that lies beneath the surface.