Custom Videos
Business Short Stories and Customized Training
Do you have a unique situation that calls for a different approach to training?
  • Tight budget that can’t accommodate the expense of a traditional conference or event?
  • Is your staff spread out across a large geographical area or across work shifts?
  • Can’t get all the executives and key people in one place for a single event?
  • Do you have a consistent message that you want to deliver over a long period of time or across several events?
  • Have you ever considered a “video short story” for your business, culture, product, service, value proposition, etc.? A well-produced video is a powerful way to start off your next meeting and it can then be repurposed at future events and on your website.
Consider letting Doug produce a video that is unique for your audience and message. He can be the main speaker, the host, the consultant for content, or simply the guy behind the scenes bringing all the pieces together. Check out these examples:

Houston Texans Video

Total time: 40 minutes (Broken into 5 segments that can be used independently)
Usage: New Hire Training, Game-Day Reinforcement (Plays in background in check-in/credential room)
CBL 1 Video CBL 2 Video CBL 3 Video

1. Grow More | 2. Be More | 3. Give More

Total Time: 18 minutes (Broken into 3 segments that can be used independently)
Usage: 9 Regional Conferences, National Conference, New Hire Training

"Doug, Your video captivated our audience’s attention and set a dynamic tone for our regional meetings. I especially appreciate the way you highlighted our key points with your personal stories, insights and amazing sense of humor. This approach provides remarkable value and flexibility as we can use it many times over."
- Jerry Sink, SCSM, Senior Vice President – Mall Management
MMP Video
Total Time: 3 videos, 5 minutes each
Usage: Online Marketing