When was the last time your employees shared a common experience that was fun, brought them together as a team, and allowed them to grow both personally and professionally, while also giving your company a competitive advantage? Meta-MORE-Phosis is an 8-Week Challenge that brings together the best of all Doug's services into a unique and proven transformational journey.
Pillars of Performance
Meta-MORE-Phosis is considered Doug's flagship service for a reason: because it improves performance while making for a better work environment, all without taking a single day off work!
Meta-MORE-Phosis is a tested and proven process that will entertain and inspire your teammates while addressing the four "Pillars of Performance" - MINDSET, ENERGY, SKILLS, and CONNECTION. An improvement in these four pillars will in turn lead to decreases in turnover and tension, increases in profits and passion, while producing sustainable momentum through consistent execution and accountability. Take a look at the Employee Survey graph below:

If improving performance is important to you, consider how you would rank your organization compared to the graph above. If you’re like most, skills are not your problem. Our work with companies across virtually all industries shows that most people are more than competent to do their job effectively and efficiently, they’re just not doing it! Put another way, “It’s not what your people can do, It’s what they will do!”. The challenge is that their skills are not being fueled with the right mindset, energy, and connection.
Surprisingly, companies still continue to dump additional skills training on employees that are disenchanted about their job and their future. Committing just a small amount of your training budget toward creating an engaged workforce can give you a staggering return on your investment, and a huge competitive advantage. Research shows that only 21% of employees are considered "engaged" in their job (Gallup, 2009). The remaining 79% are in some varying degree disengaged, negative, or simply "just showing up". What would happen if just 10% of your organization began performing at a higher level? How would that affect your results? Now consider if 20% or even 30% improved? This is where Meta-MORE-Phosis really excels.
The audio content and habit forming daily action steps in the Meta-MORE-Phosis Journey will redirect the thinking of your team members. You’ll see a noticeable different in their overall MINDSET through increased awareness in important personal drivers like perceptions, accountability, belief systems, and personal identity. Communication and personal CONNECTION between team members will be dramatically strengthened through the shared experience, posts on the PRAISE wall, and a scoring system that provides a great platform for prizes, recognition, and some fun competition. Throughout the journey participants set and track both personal and professional goals. With each day you’ll see an ever-increasing rise in the ENERGY and effort your team members invest in all aspects of their lives, including their careers and personal development.
Getting started is easy, and we have a proven process for building enthusiasm throughout your organization for the journey while minimizing pushback. After one simple meeting, we customize the Meta-MORE-Phosis Journey with your company logo, tag lines, messaging, and business objectives, so it never feels like something just pulled off the shelf. It is a time-tested process created from the ground up to appeal to three very different audiences – employees, leaders, stakeholders. Employees love it because it’s fun, engaging, and they can use the content to improve their home life as much as their work life. The leaders in the trenches love it because it requires no admin support, it’s not a distraction from the day-to-day work at hand, and it leads to better performance and camaraderie. Stakeholders (executives, board members, and stockholders) love it because it has a guaranteed ROI. If it doesn’t improve performance, you don’t pay! Take a moment to read some of the testimonials and you’ll see comments from all three groups.
Meta-MORE-Phosis will help you as a business leader dramatically transform the identity and outlook of your employees (both personally and professionally), create a winning culture through stronger teams and a clearer vision, as well as drive home current business objectives and wellness initiatives … all with minimal preparation and effort, and without taking your employees away from their jobs for a single day!
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