Speaking Introduction
Choosing the right speaker can make or break your event. It is very difficult to recover from a speaker that sets the wrong tone or doesn’t connect with the audience. Doug’s experience as a businessman, athlete, consultant, father, author, professional auctioneer, and entrepreneur enables him to connect with virtually any group and customize his material to meet a wide range of needs.
Doug began speaking professionally in 1994 while still working in the computer industry as a sales professional. In 1996, at the request of some respected mentors and many business professionals, Doug took a leap of faith and opened his company, Doug Hanson Performance Group, and began sharing his life principles to companies, sports teams, and audiences of all kinds. Each year Doug speaks at more than 70 events for some of the world’s most recognized companies, such as H&R Block, Coca-Cola, Verizon, NFL, Procter & Gamble, US Bank, DHL, Roche, and Southwest Airlines, just to name a few.
Doug is the co-author of four books with one more soon to be released, called Play Full Out. One of his most recent books, The Game Matters is co-authored with Bruce Jenner (Olympic Gold Medalist) and Steve Garvey (Pro Baseball Hall-of-famer).
Doug has worked in a variety of sales and management positions. He has been an ESPN Show Director where he organized the efforts of hundreds of people at each event. He was promoted several times in the computer industry holding positions at all levels of sales for Toshiba, Texas Instruments and Hewlett Packard, finishing as a national accounts manager, the highest level sales position available at HP at the time. Later, Doug was the Regional Director for bamboo.com, an internet start-up that attracted over 100,000 clients in less than a year and generated more than $30 million in revenues in their first 10 months. Bamboo then merged with IPIX and went on to become the world’s leading provider of online virtual tours including the imaging infrastructure for internet companies like eBay. Doug is also a successful entrepreneur. His current speaking and consulting firm has grown each year since its inception and now generates over $1 Million in revenue each year.
One of the things that most separates Doug from other speakers is that he’s not just a speaker. Many of Doug’s clients extend their relationship past a single event to an ongoing, multi-year curriculum where Doug helps them improve their bottom line by producing a high-performance culture, attracting and retaining the best talent, and developing a deeper level of loyalty, connection, and commitment to excellence. Since he’s involved every day in solving real world problems, he can speak from the platform based on what really works, not theory or speculation.
Doug got his start as a speaker from his experience as a "ropes course" facilitator. During the final years of his sales career, Doug also worked part time on weekends at various outdoor learning centers. These programs were focused on teambuilding and personal breakthrough experiences, and are the foundation for Doug's passion for helping people enjoy a more fulfilling life.
Family Man
Doug is most proud of his family. Of all his goals, he is most committed to being a great husband, father, provider, protector, and role model for his children. His wife of 24 years is certainly his best friend and biggest fan. She is a high school teacher and is also the math department chairman at their local high school. Together they are extremely proud of their 4 children. Kelsie, their oldest, is a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where she was also the team captain and starting second baseman for the Georgetown softball team. Cale, their second child, is attending Yale University and will play baseball as a pitcher and middle infielder. Their other two children, Clay and Kara, still have a few more years at home with mom and dad so their notable achievements are just beginning. Both are also already enjoying significant accomplishments in academics with unique paths of personal interests. Clay’s interests include wrestling and guitar, and Kara excels in competitive cheer, art, and theatre.
Doug played several sports through high school and continued with football through college. He tried out for 2 NFL teams, and in 1989 was a middle infielder on a national championship men's softball team.
Yes, it’s true. Doug is also a professional and licensed Auctioneer. While his busy speaking and consulting schedule doesn’t allow for many auctioneer engagements, he continues to use these unique skills for entertainment and impromptu event auctions for his business clients (such as after a “casino night” or for a local charity).