Doug cut his teeth in the speaking and training industry as a ropes course facilitator at outdoor learning centers, so he has a broad range of exercises and content that bring out the best solutions in any group. Combine this experience with his 10+ years of business experience in the corporate world as an employee of companies like Hewlett Packard and Toshiba, his formal business training with his MBA from the University of Houston, where he graduated with honors, and 16+ years working with his clients and solving his own business problems as an entrepreneur, and you’ll see why Doug has the insights and approaches to help any organization solve their most pressing problems while also forming a stronger connection with their teammates.
General Characteristics
Half-Day (3-5 hours) and Full-Day (6 to 8 hours)
Audience Participation
One of the most important benefits of a longer program is the ability to engage the audience with more experiential components. Designed to do more than inspire and motivate, Doug’s teambuilding events will leave a lasting impact on your group through relevant insights that address real issues, and interactive activities that allow them to experience and apply what they are learning - together. The additional time and format allows Doug to provide more substantive material, deliver it more thoroughly, and facilitate discussions that tie to real world issues back at the office. These exercises and dialogue lead to a deeper level of understanding and application than a traditional training program where the information is simply “pushed” onto the employee. The real world applications of Doug’s teambuilding program positions it as a strategic initiative rather than just an entertaining speaker with a motivational message.
The ability to customize the event to meet the specific needs of the customer is the key to a successful teambuilding event. It is also what most separates a longer program from a shorter one. Most speakers do not offer “long” programs as they require a different approach and skill set than a one hour keynote. Longer events require that the speaker be able to customize both the material and the delivery to meet the needs of the company and the audience. The speaker should have an extensive level of business and speaking experience, wide range of knowledge, proven material that can be modified quickly, and the flexibility to flow with the group’s momentum and synergy. He/she should also have a broader understanding of how to hold the audience’s attention. Examples include variations in style of teaching throughout the program, (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and using a variety of content (cognitive, inspirational, educational, entertaining, and participatory).
Special Note: Half-day and Full-day events make up more than 50% of Doug’s speaking events. His years of experience in business, consulting, and professional speaking set him apart from other speakers, and are most evident in these longer events which deal with real issues and lead to lasting change.
Pre-Event Assessment
Teambuilding events and multi-day workshops usually require more assessment activity than a standard keynote address to ensure success. It is common to have an early detailed phone conversation with the leadership team or event decision makers to brainstorm all the issues, event objectives, past trainings, etc. Follow up calls are scheduled as necessary to confirm the logistics and how all the elements of the event will work together. It is important that the appropriate business leaders be on the pre-event calls, not simply the event planner(s) or interested third parties. Since material is being added to address the specific needs of the group, the speaker needs to speak directly with the business leaders that best understand the issues the company is facing.
As a value-added, Doug Hanson has the resources in house to complement the assessment process with a highly efficient online assessment survey. We have a host of sample questions to help ignite your thoughts and we have the experience to help you produce an effective survey. The results will solidify the direction of the program with relevant insights about the needs and desires of your employees.
Why Doug?
The most compelling reason you’ll want Doug for your next teambuilding event is because of his engaging and entertaining style. The key to any speaker's success is their ability to quickly build rapport with the audience. This is where Doug really stands out. Virtually all of Doug’s customers have him come back again and again for a variety of training, speaking, motivating, and teambuilding services. They most often cite his breadth of content, humble spirit, real life stories, humor, energy, easy to apply distinctions, and ability to associate with the audience as the reasons they keep having him back. The more casual format and additional time associated with his teambuilding events allows Doug to engage in more experiential activities, facilitate dialogue, and include more interaction between teammates. Doug has the ability to make your group think, inspire them to improve, and touch their heart, their mindset, and their funny bone.
Personal Touch
When you call our offices about your event, you will not be transferred to a salesperson. Instead, we will quickly discuss your needs and answer your immediate questions. Then we will schedule a time for you to speak with Doug personally so the two of you can get to know each other and discuss your event in more detail. Doug is masterful at making these calls beneficial for his clients, whether they actually book him or not. Right from the start you will hear his appreciation for your call and his genuine enthusiasm about your event. Then, through a casual conversation and a series of stimulating questions Doug will crystallize the specifics of your culture and your group, and how he would complement your event objectives. He will then share some specific insights and possible content for his portion of the event. He’ll make suggestions about the balance of entertainment (fun) and content (learning), types of exercises, and the overall flow of his presentation, including ideas for energy, inspiration, humor, surprises, video clips, activities, and calls to action. If you are interested, you can also leverage Doug’s years of event experience. Doug loves to answer questions and offer tips on event logistics and ideas to maximize your event’s impact such as possible themes, slogans, music, decorations, skits, interactive exercises, parting gifts, and ways to “anchor the event” so it stays alive long after people return home.
Common Teambuilding Objectives
The list of possible objectives for Half-Day, Full-Day, and Multi-Day Teambuilding Session could be quite extensive. The agenda for these longer programs are driven by the customer’s needs and can include many directives. While your event may require something a little different, below are some of the more common reasons leaders want to invest in a day of teambuilding.
  • Recharge and Rejuvenate the Team
  • Strengthen Team Relationships and Trust
  • Improve Communication
    • Share Best Practices
    • Problem Solving / Brainstorming / Collaboration
    • Decrease Tension
  • A Higher Level of Personal Leadership / Peak Performance
  • Mindset Shift
    • More Positive Approach
    • Possibility Thinking
    • Introduce a New Paradigm or Directive
  • Embrace a Recent or Upcoming Change
  • Increase Team Accountability
  • A Break from Every Day Workload and Stress
  • Personal Development
  • Improve the Customer Service Experience
Doug has provided training and inspiration for companies of all sizes from executive retreats and groups as small as 15 people, to large audiences like the 6,000 people he addressed in Reliant Stadium in preparation for Super Bowl XXXVIII. His programs have been acclaimed by people from all levels of business including executive leaders, directors, all levels of management, medical professionals, researcher scientist, sales groups, IT professionals, customer service representatives, office administrators and front line workers. And, Doug has addressed companies from a variety of industries including:
  • Construction (Beazer Homes, David Powers Custom Builders)
  • Consumer Products (Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Insight, Whole Foods)
  • Energy (Occidental, Coastal, Weatherford, Puffer-Sweiven)
  • Financial Services (US Bank, H&R Block, HD Vest, 1st Global)
  • Hospitality/Restaurants (Drury Inn, Rubio's Restaurant)
  • Medical (Roche, Kindred Healthcare, Abbott Labs, Clarient)
  • Professional Sports Franchises (Houston Texans, NFL, NASCAR Facilities)
  • Real Estate (Stewart Title, Chicago Title, First American Title, Re/Max)
  • Software Development (Ventyx, JD Edwards)
  • Telecommunications (Verizon, US Cellular, MCI)
  • Transportation (Southwest Airlines, DHL Globalmail)
  • Universities (University of Texas, Texas A&M, Graceland University)
  • Many More