Program Scores and Feedback
We guarantee the quality and impact of our programs, and our scores and feedback are a testament to our work.
Make Motivation Measurable
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We pride ourselves on our Net Promoter Score (NPS): 90.2%
We ask all leaders involved in our programs to rate the following statement on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) through 10 (strongly agree): I’m going to recommend Doug Hanson to others.
An overwhelming majority provide a rating of 9 or 10, boosting our NPS above 90% - and far above customer-centric companies like Amazon (73%), Apple (66%) and Southwest (51%).
Doug's speaking and teambuilding events have for over 15 years set a new standard in positive response and feedback from both decision-makers and event attendees. Hopefully the countless testimonials speak for themselves. In fact, it is not uncommon for conference feedback to rate Doug their company's best speaker - ever! For our ongoing training and consulting (including Meta-MORE-Phosis and Talent Track), we go a step further. We provide quantitative feedback by compiling results from predefined questions for each program, and also qualitative feedback generated from participant quotes.
Formal Survey of Participants and Leadership (Quantitative)
At the mid-point of our programs, we conduct a formal summary of participants. As many leaders know, this is the most difficult audience to impress! Clients receive a graphical summary of the feedback immediately following the survey, promoting follow-up from managers, a sound method for calculating a Return on Investment, as well as offering opportunities for mid-course corrections. Below is a cumulative summary of 2009 and 2010 scores:
Employee Evaluation Scores:
  • 25% gave it a 5 ("Life Changing")
  • 73% gave it a 4 or better ("Exceeded My Expectations")
  • 93% gave it a 3.5 or better ("Above Average")
  • 98% gave it a 3 or better ("Average") – Note: Of the small percentage of those that rated the program "average" or less, nearly all (96%) still noted that they had seen improvements in BOTH their personal and Professional lives since participating.
We also evaluate all leadership that participated in the launch and roll-out of our programs to confirm participant feedback. Those results are displayed in the right column.
Participant Feedback (Qualitative)
Below are some actual responses from recent participants. On the final day of our programs, we provide an optional link for participants to share their thoughts and the benefits they received for people considering the program. Below are some of our favorites of the thousands we have received. After reading just a few, you will quickly begin to see all the tangible ways we add value (i.e. mindset, goal setting, direction, teamwork, productivity, reduced turnover, appreciation of company leadership, etc.). Wouldn’t you like to hear your employees making some of these comments?